Hello and a quick update on the Market conditions as it relates to the MLS & Foreclosure / REO's (Bank Owned) and Short Sales. I've just came back from several meetings with Loss Mitigation and Asset Managers with several Lenders/Banks and there are some latest guidelines that your Realtor/Broker needs to be aware of.
Those who are planning to buy investment properties other than their personal residence, there is and will be plenty of inventory out there from the Short Sales process through the next 36months. The REO's (Bank-Owned Properties) and Short Sales Market  can be very cumbersome and time consuming, so get with a Broker who is familiar with the Short Sale Market process BEFORE before you buy. Contact me at 408 888 3498 as I educate my clients on these matters.
A far as MLS listings, the inventory (Supply) is LOW and this is the time to invest in one's own primary residence or Investment property.This is a great time to negotiate while prices are dropping and competition it minimal.
Things will get more challenging as congress decides where we are and what they still need to do to turn things around.  However as one becomes educated in the market place they will allow themselves an edge in this market which could serve to their advantage. 
If you have any Investors, Friends, Relatives or Coworkers who are comtemplating investing in Real Estate within this next 18 months have them contact me to set up an investments consultation appointment.